Will You Become a Dumb Slow Idiot After Coming Off Of Gorilla Mind?

Will You Become a Dumb Slow Idiot After Coming Off Of Gorilla Mind?

Gorilla Mind is great.

You will probably want to use it everyday.

Or at least on 'work' days.

Mike Cernovich uses Gorilla Mind Smooth everyday. 

The potential benefits of using a product that enhances your cognitive function can be very enticing, but many individuals are frightened away by the fear of having a sharp drop in intelligence or energy levels after stopping their use of the product. 

Many people who take cognitive enhancing products, and potential future consumers are worried that when they stop taking them, they will enter into a state of withdrawal and become “dumb," like in the movie Limitless with the drug NZT-48 (if you haven’t watched that movie, I highly recommend it).

Is It Possible To Get a "Dependence" on Gorilla Mind?


However -

Any 'dependence' is not unlike any common dependence that you would get to other legal stimulant - such as an energy drink, coffee, etc.

You will not become a "Gorilla Mind Fiend" and have to sneak into the bathroom to hide your pill popping habit from your normie parents.

Doesn't work like that.

However, there will never be any dependence issues with Gorilla Mind Smooth.

Take Smooth everyday if you want - that what Smooth is for.

Is There "Withdrawal" If I Take Gorilla Mind Rush on a Daily Basis and Stop?


Not in a traditional "you will feel like absolute crap" or physically ill.  

Compared to prescription "focus" drugs (you know the ADHD names, we aren't going to say them though), any sort of 'withdrawal' following cessation of Gorilla Mind Rush is virtually non-existent. 

This is a TREMENDOUS benefit.

Because -

Unlike "those drugs", you will not have to have unproductive 'slow off days' just to have a few highly productive 'on days'.

Furthermore, you will find that Gorilla Mind Rush compares very favorably to "those drugs". It is nearly as strong, without the crash, addiction or dependency risk.  


You will feel normal unless you have completely ignored our suggested serving size and abused Gorilla Mind Rush.

As you as you have been getting ample sleep, most people will simply return to their baseline cognitive and energy level. 

For the small percentage of 'bros' that are stim-junkies and insist on combining Rush with large amounts of unnecessary caffeine and stimulants, we will discuss the "worst case scenario".

Is There "Withdrawal" If I Take Gorilla Mind Smooth on a Daily Basis and Stop?


Not at all.

Exactly What To Expect If You Stop Taking Gorilla Mind Rush (Worst Case Scenario)

After stopping your use of Gorilla Mind Rush, or any other useful focus supplement (that actually works, not sawdust crappy supplements) any kind of perceived diminished brain function would be highly temporary.

With cognitive enhancing ingredients in your system, especially the ones that create a cumulative effect and work better the longer you stay on them, your brain is operating at a greatly enhanced level.

This level is greater than your baseline mental performance would normally be of course, however, this doesn’t mean that you are going to feel or talk like a blithering idiot once you stop using them.

At most, you might notice the down-regulation that is occurring temporarily as your brain adjusts to not having as much Choline, Acetylcholine, Dopamine, etc. at its’ disposal.

You should adjust fairly quickly though, and return to baseline and feel perfectly fine in short order.

You WILL NOT fall into some sort of groggy state of permanent brain fog.

Obviously we are not encouraging anyone to abuse Gorilla Mind Rush or any legal product but the WORST CASE SCENARIO is that you are groggy for a few days - which is unlikely if you use that recommended dose (3 capsules) and not every single day.

Will You Develop A Tolerance To Gorilla Mind?

Fortunately, the majority of our ingredients will not cause tolerance build up, and some of them actually have a cumulative effect where they become more effective the longer you stay on them. 

However, there are a variety of potent stimulants in Gorilla Mind Rush. 

Typically, the ingredients that do cause a notable rise in tolerance are stimulants.

Stimulants need to be used intermittently or cycled to avoid tolerance build up, hence you will need to intermittently use Rush, or cycle off of it entirely once and a while if you go full board and use it every single day for a long span of time.

The necessity to use it intermittently or cycle it isn't because it becomes inherently dangerous or anything, it simply stops working as well with continuous back to back daily use because your brain will start desensitizing to the stimulants. 

The successful incorporation of Gorilla Mind into a lifestyle while simultaneously avoiding tolerance build up will be determined by the prioritization of which days you use stimulant products (Rush), and which days you stick with non-stimulant products (Smooth).

Creating A Sustainable Long-Term Regimen With Gorilla Mind

The feeling of “becoming dumb again” after stopping a focus supplement stems from becoming so accustomed to the heightened cognitive function that the product can provide, that anything less than that now feels subpar, or dumb.

By creating a strategic protocol that can be used every single day, you can avoid having to drop back into a perceived state of mental mediocrity.

For example, to completely avoid tolerance build up with Gorilla Mind, Gorilla Mind Rush would be used exclusively on days where a greatly heightened level of energy/productivity is required, whereas Gorilla Mind Smooth would be used on the more tame days of the week that have you being more stationary for the majority of your day.

If you are heavily stimulant reliant, you may benefit from having a clean-out period once in a while where you don’t take any stimulants at all, to allow your receptors to upregulate and resensitize to some of the compounds that you may have built a tolerance to.

This by no means is a set in stone guide indicative of what you must do, as everyone will ultimately have a different reaction tolerance wise to Gorilla Mind Rush and Gorilla Mind Smooth, and it will be on you at the end of the day to determine what kind of regimen works best for you in your lifestyle.

By creating a regimen where you are prioritizing your product use effectively you can completely mitigate any kind of tolerance build up that would occur entirely, and successfully incorporate cognitive enhancement into a long-term lifestyle choice.