How To Make A Lot of Money Online With Gorilla Mind (20% Commission - Unreal Current Affiliate Offer)

How To Make A Lot of Money Online With Gorilla Mind (20% Commission - Unreal Current Affiliate Offer)

Gorilla Mind is revolutionizing 'Affiliate Marketing' in the dietary supplements industry.

In an industry that offers weak 0-5% commissions, we are going to give you 20% of every sale you make.

Glad I got your attention, let's discuss.

You like Gorilla Mind?

Tell people about it and we'll give you a 20% commission for every sale you refer.
($100 sale = $20 in your pocket)

It's called "Affiliate Marketing" and you can make thousands in passive income. 

If you've never done this before - we'll show you EXACTLY what to do.

Welcome to the Gorilla Mind crash course on affiliate marketing.

Follow our advice and you will make money. 

We’re literally going to tell you exactly what to do.

Here are some recent monthly Gorilla Mind affiliate payouts we sent out:

We want to give you an easy way to create a passive income stream.

For many of you guys, it will be your first!

If nothing else - it will be a wonderful introduction to affiliate marketing and making passive income online.

If you are new to this, we’re going to help you make your first project a success.

You'll make some money, build your confidence and learn a lot.

You can become a Gorilla Mind affiliate here -

Following our guide and committing to this project is a good idea for 3 reasons -


Listen -

If you do what we say, you will make some money.

But before you dropout of college or dump your girlfriend, if you are new to affiliate marketing, the most valuable thing you will gain from this is EXPERIENCE. There will be some affiliates that make a bunch of money, but they already know how to get noticed on Google and/or have a massive audience.

For experience alone, you should first build a small focused static 'niche' website before you consider trying to create a multi-topic rolling (never-ending) 'authority' site.

Way too many guys have multi-topic "authority" sites (often self-improvement sites) and are too overwhelmed "creating content" to even learn how this all actually works. 

Don't get me wrong, "content" is super important.

But it's better to have a 10-15 page, 1 topic website that has an identity, amazing information and a specific product/service that makes money than a "content farm" of multiple topics that has a wide range of random products that aren't discussed in depth.

#2 Gorilla Mind Works Great & An Easy Sell

First -

If you are reading this, chances are - you've tried Gorilla Mind and know how good it is.

If not, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you try it. 

We don't sell or recommend anything we don't use and the same should be true for you. 

Second - 

Gorilla Mind (and the entire line of Gorilla Lifestyle products) are an easy sell. Everyone is interested in trying supplements that will make them more productive and more motivated.

We've got you covered with super-high quality products, a buyer-friendly website, English-speaking customer service (aka ME) and same-day shipping on all weekday orders made before 2pm EST.

Anyone who tries Gorilla Mind will remember who told them about it (aka YOU).

There is no reason you cannot get a slice of this pie.

Although an emerging 'Red Pill' industry, Nootropics/cognitive-enhancing lifestyle supplements are slowly developing a following among mainstream normies. 

Everyone could use more focus, productivity, mood elevation, memory enhancement, mental acuity and sleep and clear skin!
(clear skin = Gorilla Youth Serum)

We’ve been using cognitive enhancing products for nearly a decade – they have greatly enhanced our lives.

#3 You Will EARN 20% of All Sales (Your Commission Is 20%)

Yes your eyes aren't deceiving you. You Will Make 20%!
(20% of all new customer sales that YOU refer) 

The vast majority of supplement companies with affiliate programs offer a sad 1-5% commission.

The highest I’ve ever seen is 10%.

In fact, most companies won’t pay you a dime, but will try and pay you in free supplements once a month, and make you feel special by tagging you in their Instagram photos, or telling you that you can put "[Insert company name here] Sponsored Athlete" in your social media bios.


You're a businessman and you'd rather make money. 

Let the kids take the repetitive free supplements and superficial social media points.
(fyi - We'll tag you in social media posts, in fact - Mike will retweet your product reviews to a half-million people) 

Those are our 3 reasons.

Give yourself 3 to 6 months to complete this small 'doable' project that you can make a few bucks on and learn the ropes.

Guys that have dreams of big websites are too busy "making content" to even learn anything. They think they will gain a following simply by "writing more".

Don't bog yourself down with an unattainable, disorganized goal.

You will learn more about make money online from building small niche website than trying to build a huge one and mindlessly creating endless content and wondering why it's stuck. 

Once your small site is successful, you can make a bigger one. 
(hint: tell people how you did it)

How to Set It All Up - Newbie Steps

If you already have a website/domain with an audience, you can skip this part. 

This is for newbies.

Actually... Read it, it may help.

#1 Sign Up For REAL Web Hosting and Website Setup  

You need to buy REAL web hosting.

Don't get a free Web 2.0 or site if you are serious about this project.

Unless established with an engaged audience, those free domains don't appear on the front pages of Google much anymore. While those free sites are quick to setup, they are very limited as to what you can learn and design.

This is the cheapest web hosting you can get and the Bluehost team will set it all up for you -

When I was starting out, it took me 72 hours and 3 or 4 phone calls to figure out how to setup my website, how to link it with the domain nameservers (DNS), how to upload Wordpress and how to install my website theme. I spent another hundred hours looking for the best plugins to install.

I had no money then, but I would have paid someone $1000 to set it all up for me. 

It was a nightmare.

I almost quit in the first 3 days I was so irritated.
(not really)

There's a honeymoon period when you decide to make your first website, it's a happy and optimistic time, but technical difficulties will literally destroy your enthusiasm. 

Sign up with Bluehost, it's cheaper than elsewhere anyway.

#2 Pick a Nootropics - Related Domain (Free Domain is included with the offer above)

What Should I Name My Domain?

Since this is a [eventually passive] "niche" site that will not necessarily retain a daily audience, Google and search engine traffic is most important.

We hate "targeted domains" such as "", "" and even one of our very own "".

Those domains scream "Internet marketer" and have no passion.

We like sexy brand name titles such as "Danger And Play", "Good Looking Loser", "More Plates More Dates", but in this case - you are better off with a "targeted domain" that has the keyword 'Nootropics'.

Just trust us on this.

It's free traffic and your content will win them over.

You could use the 'Google Keyword Tool' to see which "Nootropics" searches get the most traffic, but we honestly don't think that is even necessary. 

Just pick a domain name and include "Nootropics" in it.
(not necessarily 'Gorilla Mind' or 'Review', just 'Nootropics'. We’ll explain why later...)

If we were affiliates for Gorilla Mind, we would buy one of these domains -



  • Nootropics.rock

Those are cool names and they have the keyword 'Nootropics'.

These are the essential free plugins you will want to get right after installing Wordpress:

  • Akismet Anti-Spam - Akismet checks your comments and contact form submissions against their global database of spam to prevent your site from publishing malicious content. You can review the comment spam it catches on your blog’s “Comments” admin screen.
  • Contact Form 7 - Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customise the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.
  • WordPress Popular Posts - WordPress Popular Posts is a highly customizable widget that displays your most popular posts. Once you have built up a decent amount of good articles, you can display them on your side bar (or wherever you want them) with this widget to keep readers on your site and promote further engagement.
  • Yoast SEO – The best SEO plugin you can get. This plugin is very useful for search engine optimizing your content, targeting specific keywords, knowing if your content is Google friendly or if there is something that should be fixed, etc.
  • WP-Optimize - WP-Optimize is an effective tool for automatically cleaning your WordPress database so that it runs at maximum efficiency.
  • WP Fastest Cache - This plugin creates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. When a page is rendered, php and mysql are used. Therefore, system needs RAM and CPU. If many visitors come to a site, system uses lots of RAM and CPU so page is rendered so slowly. In this case, you need a cache system not to render page again and again. Cache system generates a static html file and saves. Other users reach to static html page.

Don’t worry about paying for plugins for now.

These are free and will work great.

#3 Find/Buy a Wordpress Theme You Like

The "theme" is the layout or design of your site.

It's the template.

It's important for aesthetics but also for Google traffic.

This is the theme Chris used when he first started -

The designers build it to impress Google.

Within 30 days, some of his content was on the first page of Google for significant searches. This is pretty unheard of.

It's highly customizable so you can play with it (this can be difficult at first) and your site WILL NOT look like another Danger & Play or Bold & Determined clone that people have grown to despise.

Once you get some money to hire a web developer - he will know how to code it exactly how you want.

While sites built on Thesis can be great, they have a much steeper learning curve, especially when it comes to making them look good. 

When it comes to content, it is a decent plug and play theme that you can get articles ranked with really quickly, but it will probably look terrible if you don't have a web developer, or know how to code it. 

While this isn't overly important when it comes to ranking content (content is the main variable here), if you are building a brand, want to build a following, or just want to increase sales conversions, it can definitely pay off to take the time to make your site look appealing. 

More recently in the years following our blogging days a bunch of awesome interactive themes that are more user-friendly have been released that are definitely worth looking at. 

These can be built into amazing looking sites without the need for a web developer and have a much more forgiving learning curve. 

Back in the day, to add a certain function or move certain things around, we'd have to either spend hours on forums trying to learn how to HTML code it ourselves, or pay someone to do it. 

With these newer interactive themes you can literally drag and drop things around at will and have your website looking pretty good straight out of the box. 

In general, I would advise using one of the new interactive themes, as themes like Thesis and Genesis (what our sites were built off of) are a bit old school and can be a nightmare to deal with. 

How To Do "The Content"

If you went with suggestions above for domain, web hosting (important) and Thesis - you'll be able to get started with "the content" that very same day.

"The Content" is a very broad discussion and allows for limitless creativity and experimentation.

There's no way we’re going to be able to tell you EXACTLY what every aspect of your website/marketing should be.

However, technically, the majority of Gorilla Mind products we have sold were originally via our own blogs and social media (identical to an affiliate relationship) - so we know what works.

Please heed our advice.

Your Website is a Nootropics Resource, Not a "Review" Site 
(First Impressions)


Remember how we suggested these domains -

If we were affiliates for Gorilla Mind, we would buy one of these domains -



  • Nootropics.rock

All of those domains suggest that the website has information about Nootropics.

The domain doesn't suggest the website is a "review" (aka I want to sell you some stuff but not answer any of your questions).

This is the approach you want to take, your website should be -


You should not call your site -


While these domains aren't the worst thing in the world (search engine traffic will be had), you will turn many people off if they think it's just another "review" site of a guy that rates everything 5-stars, spits his sales link at you and doesn't offer any free high-quality, insider information.

You want to present your website as a RESOURCE.

Not a REVIEW site.

Got it?

This carries far beyond the domain too.

"The content" on your site should be a RESOURCE for Nootropics - aimed at newbies, but also cover some advanced issues to both flaunt your expertise and capture top Google/YouTube ranking for specific topics (long tail keywords).

Keep this in mind for your site –

70% - Nootropics Guide(s)

20% - Secondary Posts/YouTube Frequently Asked Questions

10% - Specific Reviews


Here's some websites that you'll often see if you search for Nootropic information or related dietary supplement reviews: 

Make An Awesome Nootropics Guide From PERSONAL EXPERIENCE
(importance: 70%)

Unlike other better-known products or services, people (potential new customers) have no idea what Nootropics are or even where to start or which ones to buy.

You can't just write an article on being productive and write -

Just use Gorilla Mind Rush, it will help.

They'll have no idea what 'Gorilla Mind' is, how to use it or why you suggest it.

You are going to give them this information.

In exchange, they will give you a nice commission.

In general your guide should be -

  • 10% discussing the very basics of 'What Nootropics Are' and some background information about them and the clinical data that supports them. 
  • 90% YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, what you use, what it does, why you use it, when you use it, how you use it.
    (applicable stuff that actually helps people)

You WILL have to write a good, comprehensive Nootropics Guide if you are looking to make a lot of money and have other sites linking to you.

Your Guide doesn't have to be super long, but one that you can publish and leave up for years to make you money.

Try to cover everything you know in a thoughtful, organized fashion.

Don't just do a lazy bullet point list that helps no one.

DIG DEEP - you will be rewarded. 

At bare minimum, on separate pages, your Guide should cover -

  • The Basics of Nootropics (what are they? what do they do? what benefits do they provide? etc.)
  • How YOU Dose/Use them? 
  • Taking Nootropics for Specific Situations (e.g. studying for exams, preparing business presentations, improving your focus while playing video games, whatever it is, be specific)
  • Nootropics Lifestyle (taking it every day)
  • Nootropics Dependence and How to Cycle Them
  • Frequently Asked Questions (anticipate questions)

Remember your Guide is a helpful RESOURCE for all Nootropics - not just a Gorilla Mind review.

Additional Tips for Your Guide

The FIRST thing we should see in your guide is a video of you

Not your feet. 

Your face. 

Put your face out there and speak proudly so we know you aren't just faking it.

Of course -

You don't HAVE TO do a video. Just know that you will make at least 50+% less sales.

Small niche sites without videos suck.

Don't have more than one Gorilla Mind logo per page

Don't over do the Gorilla Mind links, images or sales pitches.

I laugh when my affiliate managers tell me that I need to put more "calls to action" or "buy it now!" buttons on my website and put ads up everywhere to make sure users know what I'm selling.

I absolutely hate those sleazy-looking sites and so do you.

Your website is a RESOURCE not a review/sales page that treats the reader like he is a 4th grader. 

Leave your blog comments open (and answer questions/thank people for writing in)

Leave your blog comments open to address questions (get ideas for future topics).

These are your most interested readers, they are your friends.

Answer their questions before they go for help elsewhere and Nootropics.

Don't just spit out your sales pitch and deny them the right to engage you.

Later you can make the site "passive", but not until you've answered 99% of questions.

If your guide is engaging, it will have a ton of comments and can provide very helpful specific replies that will help people.

Also, for a 'niche site' don't have a contact form or do emails with people - get ALL "the content" on the site.

Some people are embarrassed that their posts only get a couple of comments (newbies absolutely shouldn't be), but if you look back at some of our oldest blog posts on our respective blogs, they only have a handful of comments and most came long after we started our sites.

Specific Topics in Secondary Posts/YouTube Videos
(importance: 20%) 

Your written Nootropics Guide is the big deal.

Work on it for as long as you have to until it's awesome.

But you will also want shorter individual posts that expand on topics/concepts in the Guide.

Each "secondary post" should propose a question and offer an answer.

Don't worry if it repeats information in the guide. I repeat stuff all the time that I think you should hear.

For example, title your post and video -

  • Do Nootropics Actually Work? (My Experience)
  • Which Nootropics Work Best For Improving Focus? (My Experience)
  • Which Nootropics are Best For Studying? (My Experience)
  • Can I Take Nootropics Everyday? (Nootropics Lifestyle Explained)
  • Will Nootropics Help Me Study or Do Busy Work? (My Experience)
  • My Favorite Nootropics Stack (My Experience)
  • Do Nootropics Need To Be Cycled? (My Experience)
  • Top 10 Benefits Of Nootropics

Obscure topics are good too -

  • Top 5 Tips For Newbies To Nootropics – DO NOT Use Nootropics Until You Read This
  • Does NZT-48 From Limitless Exist In Real Life? (no, but the best legal alternative that I’ve found is _____)
  • Do/Can You Combine Nootropics With Pre-Workout Supplements? (yes, I’ve actually been using a Nootropic formula with stimulants in it called Gorilla Mind Rush that doubles as its’ own very effective pre-workout)
  • How Do Nootropics Compare To (insert smart drug name here)?
  • How To Use Nootropics To Study For A Final Exam
  • Do Nootropics Need To Be Taken On An Empty Stomach?
  • Are Nootropics Addictive?
  • Is Alpha GPC Good For Bodybuilding?
  • Does Bacopa Monnieri Actually Help Improve Memory?
  • What Is The Best Nootropic For Mood Elevation?
  • 10 Tips For Creating The Best Nootropic Stack For Studying
  • Does Teacrine Actually Work? (this is an ingredient in Gorilla Mind Smooth that is very hot/trending in the supplement world right now)
  • Teacrine Vs Caffeine – Exactly What To Expect
  • Can Nootropics Help With Social Anxiety?

Do at least 30 of these secondary posts. 

Quality over quantity though.

Have a video of yourself for EACH ONE.

Write the post first and then do the video so it's fresh on your mind and fairly organized.

The videos will draw YouTube searchers and add MAJOR CREDIBILITY if you can speak honestly, passionately and intelligently on camera.

I repeat - DO VIDEOS. They work.

Additional Tips for Your Secondary Posts/YouTube Video FAQ

Speak to People In Your Writing (sometimes)


Listen -

Everyone has their own writing style and I'm not going to try and change that.

Otherwise it will literally look like you are copying. 

To make your writing more personal, you should speak to people in your writing.

See how that works?

It's pretty powerful. 

YouTube Videos Take Practice

Don't be like a girl and take 2 hours to get ready for your video, but you should look decent and do need some organization/preparation.

When you write the "blog post" first, you'll have a nice little outline to refer to during your video.

Making a notecard will help.

DO NOT READ LINES - that looks terrible on webcam, even if your "script" is good.

YouTube (webcam) videos are just like anything else, it takes practices and will never be perfect. Try your best.

Unlike your writing, confidence is more important than substance.

Link Your YouTube FAQ Videos to the EXACT Discussion on Your Website

In the YouTube description on the 1st or 2nd line (no lower) put the full hyperlink to the EXACT writeup that the video covers.

Although we want traffic to reach Gorilla Mind - we recommend linking YouTube to your site, your site’s amazing content, and not just Gorilla Mind with your affiliate link. 

You don’t want to come across as a Gorilla Mind shill, which is very likely to occur if you are spam posting your affiliate link everywhere possible, and putting it in every possible place on your channel.

If/when you do plug your affiliate link though in your YouTube video descriptions, you can either opt to use the standard affiliate link your ID is assigned to.


Or, you can directly link to a product/the product you refer to in your video by taking the product URL, and adding your affiliate link extension onto it.


Keep in mind – While we mostly have formulas with Nootropics in our formula line up, this should in no way discourage you from talking about lifestyle related topics from time to time and incorporating our other products into your content.

The focus of Nootropics is just what the niche to target is at first, as that is the majority of our product base/brand.

Basically, as mentioned earlier, keep the focus majorly on the key things, and if you want to cover more obscure topics from time to time, by all means go for it.

This will broaden your scope a bit and allow you to monetize things like our Restorative Youth Serum, and other non-Nootropic product launches that occur in the future, without losing the target and focus of your brand/content.

For Longer Videos, It Is Helpful to Do a Table of Contents In the YouTube Description

In the YouTube description area, below your link to your site, you can make a table of contents to help out ADHD viewers.

Make sure your timestamps are clickable too.

It looks like this -

0:00 Introduction
0:50 What are Nootropics?
2:40 How do people take Nootropics?
6:00 Nootropics Vs Prescription Smart Drugs (What's the Difference?)
12:50 Are Nootropics actually useful for studying?


Top-Ranking Video Lists

Specific Gorilla Mind Reviews
(importance: 10%)

Your Nootropics Guide and your secondary posts/YouTube Video FAQ covers about 90% of what is going to land you interested readers and ultimately - sales.

Those pages should be an INTELLIGENT RESOURCE (based on personal experience) and not a collection of impersonal Wikipedia-esque generic information or Internet marketer quasi-sales pages.

You might be surprised to hear that "the reviews" should only be a small part of your site.

I recommend that you give each product it's own separate post - readers and Google will like that better anyway.

Spice up your titles beyond just "Gorilla Mind Review" -

  • "Gorilla Mind Rush Review – Lightning In A Bottle"
  • "Gorilla Mind Smooth Review - The Best Nootropic Formula For Studying"
  • "Gorilla Dream - The Ultimate Nootropic Infused Sleep Aid (CRAZY DREAMS)!"

You seeing how this works?

In your "reviews", talk about dosing, your experience and other intangibles. 

Be as specific as possible.

For example -

I found that 3 capsules of Gorilla Mind Rush was the sweet spot for my tolerance level. I like to micro-dose an additional capsule once every 4 hours if I know I have a very long workday ahead, or an all nighter, to maintain the same level of mental focus and drive that the initial kick-in produces.
Although this supplement is mainly marketed as a cognitive enhancer, it certainly doubles as a very effective pre-workout. The other day I was able to knock out 20 more pushups than I normally can and the only thing different that day was I had taken 3 Gorilla Mind Rush pre-workout.

Rather than -

My results with Gorilla Mind Rush was good.

It helped my -

  • energy
  • mood
  • productivity
  • focus
  • [insert another generic word]

The first example provides specifics that only someone with experience has (you can't fake this stuff very well).

The second example is what an Internet marketer does.

Big difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some stuff that we'll be asked and some stuff that you should know.

I Haven't Tried Gorilla Mind’s Products, Should I Sell Them?


In general, you shouldn't "review" (aka promote) anything you don't have experience with.

It's not just because it's disingenuous, it's because -

If you have no insider information to offer, you will not be considered an authority and won't be making any money.

There's no amount of other people's "research" that you can spin that will ever be as good as actually doing/using it.

All of our personal blogs where we talk about health/fitness, performance enhancement, hair loss, social anxiety, making money, etc. are elite.

The Things We Discuss, Are Only Things We Are Experts In, Because They Are The Only Things We Have Done In Our Lives. Literally.

If either of us ever made a website about classic cars, biology, writing music or architecture - it would be pathetic. Even if we each had a year to "research" it, it would still be generic garbage, and you’d see right through it.

That's why most college professors (and just about all teachers) never add anything useful to your life. They've never done any of it and can just spit out Department of Education concepts and facts for you to memorize.

Should I Write An eBook On Nootropics, Put Gorilla Mind Links In It and Sell Both?


Should I Write An eBook On Gorilla Mind itself, Put Gorilla Mind Links In It and Give It Away For Free?


If you have a decent sized existing audience - maybe.

Why would you want to tuck away incredible information into a .pdf that Google and most others won't ever see?

For a few forced email signups? 

Don't waste your time!

Again, if you ALREADY have an audience, that is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT story and you can consider the eBook thing.

I'm not into eBooks, but they work well for established bloggers who take tremendous pride in creating a good product.

But if the goal is to GET AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to see your content so they can use your Gorilla links, an eBook is not the way to do it.

Guys, Your Low Pressure Advice Runs Contrary to What Internet Marketers Suggest, Should I Have a Landing/Sales Page?

If your goal is to turn people off and not make money - do a sales page like all those faceless Internet marketers who don't make much money suggest.

If your goal is to build trust, authority and sales - do it as we suggest. 

How many times have you seen a page like this and instantly clicked away within 1.8 seconds?

It is true that some guys use those pages successfully, but that is because THEIR BRAND (authority/community, not niche website) is established and legitimate.

It is not the sleazy sales page or "call to action" that is making readers "convert".

In fact - it probably turns people off and they make less sales.

Treat your readers like intelligent human begins, not "traffic".

If you are new to this, you don't have an established name, persona or brand - AVOID THIS CRAP.

If you have an established blog, persona or brand - AVOID THIS too.

Where Do I Find My Affiliate Link?

We can't provide much future technical support for this kind of stuff, you are going to have to learn some of it for yourself (that's how I did it), but it's so easy that you won't need it.

This is how you get your affiliate link - 
(this is the url that you need to hyperlink your readers to so you get credit for the sales)

  1. Sign in to the Gorilla Mind Affiliate Program
  2. Click on "My Accounts"
  3. Under "Account affiliate link" you will see a link with your unique affiliate ID attached


In this example, the tracking code is: ?atid=2

The code gets attached to any page’s URL on the site to make an affiliate link.

E.G. if you wanted to make an affiliate link for Gorilla Dream, it would look like this:

Pretty simple.

Whenever a new customer clicks on that (or any text that is hyperlinked), you are set to get 20% of the sale if that click results in a sale. 

There is a great Wordpress plugin you can use so there's no sketchy numbers (?atid=2) in the link. That will help sales too; some people will be hesitant to click a link that has some weird extension on it. That can be an instant red flag to people that you are an affiliate as well by the way.

Pretty Links is free and will allow you to create affiliate links that use your own domain name, as well as a custom extension.

E.G. you could have your hyperlink look like “” and when someone scrolls over it to click it, it wouldn’t pop up with that affiliate extension.

Once they click it, the Pretty Link would redirect the hyperlink to the target URL for that particular Pretty Link you’ve set up, which would be for Gorilla Dream.

Or you could do something like: “

You can get creative with it, but the main advantage is you can make your links appear more clickable/less sketchy.

Fortunately our affiliate links are short anyways, so this is by no means mandatory.

I’ve been a part of affiliate programs where my affiliate ID looked more like this “?tracking=1Bu093bas3w5ef13Nb70”

Those ones you DEFINITELY want to get Pretty Links or another plugin for.

For ours though, it’s your call, it may or may not impact your sales a bit.

It may be a good idea just to do it off the bat just in case.

How Often Will I Get Paid?

Commissions are paid via PayPal every 30 days by the 15th.

For example -

If you made $2040 in March ($4080 in total product sales), pending deductions for returns/refunds/undelivered products, you would receive $2040 by April 15th. 

For affiliates make significant amounts, we can cut you a check so you don't have to eat the PayPal fees.

Here Are Some Things To Keep In Mind - products are fully legal GMP dietary supplements and cosmetics and MUST be presented as such.

Our products are NOT intended to diagnose, treatcure, or prevent any disease.

Please see DoTerra's "Quick Claims Guide" for how to phrase your product reviews and avoid medical claims. 

That is the only rule Gorilla Mind has and will have to enforce against juvenile affiliates, do not make medical claims. reserves the right to monitor and disable affiliate accounts at any time - for any reason.

If you have questions, please contact us

Where Should I "Promote" My Website?

The idea is to just mainly use the Google/YouTube traffic.

However, if you are an ESTABLISHED member of an online community (outside of the Manosphere/niche we all fit in), there's your opportunity to introduce them to Gorilla Mind.

Literally - all the sales will be yours.

Look around the internet, there's a ton of places.

The "Manosphere" and non-mainstream self-improvement sphere is small compared to other places.

Don't go on nearby sites (GoodLookingLoser, Cernovich, ReturnOfKings, MorePlatesMoreDates, etc.) and start spamming them to try and get a few sales.

Also do not spam the Gorilla Mind forum; nobody should be advertising their personal affiliate links in the forum anyways.

Look OUTSIDE the Manosphere and tell people about Nootropics (not just Gorilla Mind).

There's a huge world out there.

Pour Conclure

There you have it.

Step by step -

This is how you sell Gorilla Mind products.

Put your own creative twist on it.

Create something that you can be proud of.

So long as your content is solid, the products are easy sells since they’re so good.

Who knows, you might get good at it and end up passively make a couple grand a month from it like some of our other top affiliates, or more.

I’ve personally seen affiliate sales for more mainstream industries upwards of $50,000 per month.

The opportunity for growth is there, Nootropics are new, and will only get more popular.

As our company grows, you and your sales will grow along with it as well.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in a year our top affiliates are pulling in upwards of 10K per month.

If you've used Gorilla Mind’s products for a good 5 or 6 months, you are more prepared to have success with this project than someone who has "done Internet marketing" for years.

The personal experience is what really sells it.

Just like anything else.

We try to write long, comprehensive guides and try to cover almost everything.

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