Why Do Most Legal Cognitive Enhancing Supplements Suck? (And Why Gorilla Mind is Completely Different)

Why Do Most Legal Cognitive Enhancing Supplements Suck? (And Why Gorilla Mind is Completely Different)

Why Most "Focus" Supplements Are Useless
(... or have so much caffeine that you feel insane)

95% of the dietary supplements on the market do virtually nothing. 

"Make You Focus Better" supplements are no different. 

Most cognitive enhancing supplements DO NOTHING or are packed with so much dirty caffeine that it is only useful for a 2-hour gym session and inevitable nasty, irritable comedown.

Both versions of Gorilla Mind are exceptions to the rule. 


Gorilla Mind Rush and Gorilla Mind Smooth DO NOT rely on caffeine. 

Gorilla Mind Rush's patented formula contains a host of cutting-edge stimulants that complement a reasonable dose of caffeine to provide a far more uplifting, smooth, and locked in focus than just plain old mega-dosed caffeine formulas.

Not a single product on the market contains this specific combination of ingredients, and 99% of the products that feature even some of our ingredients are certainly not using the same efficacious dosages we are using. 

Gorilla Mind Smooth has NO CAFFEINE whatsoever and is simply packed with cognitive boosting compounds.

These two formulas will impress you, you will get the laser-focus without a psychotic increase in blood pressure. 

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Derek's Story
(Dietary Supplements Strictly for Non-Athletic Performance)  

When I was in university I became very interested in cognitive enhancers to improve my grades and make me more productive.

In college, I tried literally every cognitive enhancing compound under the sun -

  • Noopept
  • Huperzine-A
  • DMAE
  • Vinpocetine
  • L-Theanine
  • Alpha-GPC
  • Piracetam
  • 10 different versions of caffeine that all did the same thing



When I was a Freshman, I started with several of the well-known brands (you probably know at least 1 of the names) that are advertised by semi-famous athletes or c-list celebrities. 


They were underwhelming. 

They either DID NOTHING or made me a jittery basketcase.

After trying several different well-known products, I noticed something.

They were all the same.

The formulas either -

a) Have very small amounts of cognitive enhancers that did NOTHING.


Example #1 (L-Theanine)

The efficacious dosage for L-Theanine is 200-400 mg once or twice daily.

Most of these companies were only putting in 100mg (or less) per serving in their products.

Example #2 (DMAE)

The efficacious dosage for DMAE is between 300mg (minimum) to 2000 mg (maximum).

Many well-known formulas contain only 50mg (or less) of DMAE per serving.

While L-Theanine and DMAE are clinically proven and "work", the serving sizes are so small that the net result was -


The main thing I learned as a newbie was that the dosage amounts for each ingredient in these cognitive enhancing formulas were not efficacious dosage amounts.

b) Have very small amounts of cognitive enhancers and a HUGE dose of caffeine that made me feel absolutely insane. 

The popular formulations that "worked" often relied strictly on caffeine for improved cognitive function.

While caffeine is useful for concentration - caffeine definitely has a downside.

Too much caffeine makes most people jittery, irritable and many times comes with a nasty crash.    

Most focus supplements that "work" are re-creations of energy drinks or a pot of coffee.

Not ideal for studying or getting non-physical work done.

Caffeine Addict

When I was a Junior, I got more resourceful.

I spent countless hours researching, modifying, purchasing and re-purchasing different "cognitive enhancing" raw powders and in hopes of building the perfect “mind stack” that would help me focus, retain and recall information better. 

When I mixed my "brain stack" beverages in class people would look at me like I was a total weirdo.

Maybe I was.

But through trial and error, I slowly began to pinpoint what worked, what didn't work, the dosages that worked best, and what was overkill. 

It made me think that most companies are blatantly including a handful of "clinically proven" (but otherwise effective) ingredients at subpar dosages just so they can market the claimed benefits, without actually spending the money to produce a formula that actually works.

Often -

The ingredients work.

The dose and serving size DO NOT.

You get nothing out of it.

I noticed another trend -

Companies are using a lot of 'substitute' ingredients that look good on paper, may have a rat-based scientific study or two behind it - but when it comes to practical application - the real-life benefits are negligible. 

I presume the real reason why this is so common is that these 'substitute' ingredients are cheaper and simply result in better profit margins. 

Gorilla Mind Banner

How Is Gorilla Mind Different than the Crap on the Market?

For one -

Gorilla Mind works.

For two -

Gorilla Mind does not strictly rely on caffeine for cognitive enhancement.

Gorilla Mind is not an energy drink.

Gorilla Mind is not a gallon of black coffee.

Gorillla Mind will have you insanely focused without dirty side effects.  

Gorilla Mind is based on over a decade of trial and error (and admittedly a lot of wasted money on lousy products) by myself, Chris and Michael.

The approach we took to its product formulation was essentially: “let’s put all of the best ingredient combinations I have ever used into this one product, and let’s put each and every one of them in at effective dosage amounts, or let’s not include them at all.”

The goal I had for this product, was to NOT cut corners cost wise to simply have trace amounts of the best ingredients in the product (like most other products have), and instead, let's stack it with full blown efficacious dosages of everything.

Even if that means smaller margins on our end money wise, the end result will be the recognition of our product’s effectiveness, and brand loyalty.

It’s nonsensical to blantly inflate an ingredient profile with otherwise-effective ingredients if you know the end result will be less than satisfactory results.

I personally love cognitive enhancers, and I saw a massive benefit from them when I experimented with them throughout my university years, as well as in the workplace years later.

It is perfectly understandable if you have tried a "cognitive enhancer" and been bummed out because the "clinically proven" ingredients are in such small doses that it barely does anything.

When I say that Gorilla Mind is turnkey, it means that you absolutely DO NOT need to go out and buy any of the ingredients on the panel separately to add to it to reach an effective dosage.

Everything is shoved in there that you will need, and you know when you pop a serving of Gorilla Mind, you will be experiencing the true benefits that those cognitive enhancers have to offer you.

- Derek