How to Use Gorilla Mind Rush As a Pre-Workout Energy & Focus Supplement

How to Use Gorilla Mind Rush As a Pre-Workout Energy & Focus Supplement

Can You Use Gorilla Mind Rush As a Pre-Workout?

Short answer: 


Here's how -

Use 3+ capsules at once (start there if you experience with pre-workout stimulants) if you need the super acute and energy for a workout.

Gorilla Mind Rush at 1 to 3 capsules is ideal of non-physical work that you need to NOT too amped up for.

It's not actually meant to be a pre-workout supplement. 

Pre-workout supplements can be great but jitters and hyper-energy make it overly strong for normal non-physical activities. 

But at 3-6 capsules it will beat any pre-workout.

The focus is unparalleled to any legal supplement and you can get the massive energy boost if you dose on the higher-end.

Derek will explain the dosing protocol and timing below.

And By the way -

If you workout at night, you shouldn't use Gorilla Mind Rush if you value you sleep.
(check out "Gorilla Dream" if you need help sleeping under normal circumstances)

We’ve all had those days, where you come home exhausted from work and you can’t even imagine mustering up the energy to get off of the couch and go to the gym.

“I’ll make up for it tomorrow” is what they say.

And when tomorrow comes, they are drained again from work.

Rinse and repeat.

It’s a vicious cycle, and this is especially common for those who work more labor-intensive jobs.

This is where a pre-workout supplement as a pick-me-up can be a necessity.

Without exaggerating at all, Gorilla Mind Rush is the most comprehensive and powerful energy and focus supplement on the market.

Although the main purpose of Gorilla Mind is typically to plow through 16+ hour work days, it doubles as a VERY effective pre workout supplement.

Ed Latimore Gorilla Mind

Gorilla Mind Rush Vs The Other Guys

When we’re talking about a pick-me-up, we’re talking about stimulants and focus agents.

Which product has the most potent and synergistic combinations of both?

Gorilla Mind Rush. Bar None.

Gorilla Mind Rush not only features a hardy dose of caffeine, but it features Eria Jarensis Extract, Higenamine and a myriad of other awesome energy boosters that will quite literally shift your brain from zombie couch mode to let’s go kill this workout and have gas left in the tank to spare.

Why Gorilla Mind?
  • Zero crash
  • Substantially more potent than its' competitors
  • Unparalleled focus and energy levels
  • Efficaciously dosed (quite rare believe it or not)
  • Features a perfect synergy between cutting edge stimulants and complementary cognitive enhancers
  • Unmatched mind-muscle connection
  • More convenient and portable being in pill form
  • Doesn’t taste like anything and won’t screw up your digestive system

No Crash

The cognitive enhancers in Gorilla Mind not only amplify the mental benefits of each other, but they greatly enhance the level of laser focus that the stimulants provide, and completely curb/eliminate the stimulant crash you would experience with traditional stimulant-based pre workouts. ​

There's no worse feeling than having a vicious come down on a mega dose of stimulants, and with Gorilla Mind Rush you will completely avoid that very common brutal side effect from other pre workout supplements. 

Stimulants + Cognitive Enhancers = Laser Focus & Endless Energy

One very neglected component of pre workout supplements are cognitive enhancers.

This is a relatively new industry, and most companies who manufacture pre workout supplements are behind the curve when it comes to knowing what cognitive enhancers work, how they work, and which ones most effectively complement stimulants for that highly sought after tunnel vision like focus in the gym.

They also provide a next level mind-muscle connection by breaking through your natural cognitive barriers.

By greatly improving cognitive function, a notably greater degree of mind-muscle connection can be recruited to activate your muscle fibers during your workout routine to your maximum potential.

Just going through the motions in the gym is what results in suboptimal progress, or none at all.

Being able to actively focus to your brains peak capacity during each stretch and contraction of every single rep is absolutely key in making the most efficient use of your time in the gym, and getting the most benefit out of your weight training regimen.

Say No To Nasty Tasting Pre Workout Powders

Gorilla Mind Rush is the only encapsulated product that packs a big enough punch to completely outclass the big name pre workout supplements that require you to chug a scoop of X flavored powder which actually tastes like toxic waste.

Pop a serving of Gorilla Mind Rush on an empty stomach, and boom you’re done in less than 2 seconds.

No more gagging, plugging your nose, or chasing your disgusting pre workout acid flavored drinks, Gorilla Mind Rush delivers WITHOUT the punishment of your taste buds or stomach.

How To Dose Gorilla Mind Rush As A Pre-Workout
(Do Not Combine It With Other Pre-Workout Supplements)

Take 3-6 capsules 30 minutes prior to your workout on an empty stomach for optimal results.

Start with 3 capsules to evaluate tolerance.

New users and females may want to start with 1 or 2 capsules.

Do not exceed 6 capsules in any 24-hour period (6 capsules at once will almost certainly be too strong for 95-99% of users, this product is no joke).

Keep in mind, Gorilla Mind Rush is powerful and lasts for at least 8 hours.

Do not take in the evening or near to bedtime if you do not want to jeopardize your sleep.

If you want to take it after work in the evening, my advice would be to either use it spread out throughout your day (e.g. your first dose upon waking to power your work day, and then a top up dose pre workout), or take your full dosage an hour or so before you leave work.

Alternatively, the best strategy to avoid any possible interference with your sleep schedule would be to dose Gorilla Mind Rush upon waking on an empty stomach and then go workout prior to going to work.

The effects will not only power you through your workout, but they will sustain you throughout your work day that follows as well.