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Gorilla Mind Rush + Smooth Bundle

1 x Gorilla Mind Rush (90 Capsules)
1 x Gorilla Mind Smooth (90 Capsules)

Supplement Facts

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Gorilla Mind Rush is unlike anything you've ever tried. The motivation, drive and laser focus is absolutely unmatched. (Legally...)

This is the most powerful cognitive enhancing dietary supplement that you can buy. While providing intense focus and massive concentration, it does not primarily rely on caffeine, guarana or any other "dirty" pre-workout or energy drink stimulants that will make you feel jittery or insane.

Gorilla Mind Rush features a host of exotic cognitive-enhancing compounds that provide an intense sustainable focus without the jitters or mid-day crash.

Gorilla Mind Smooth is the best "non-stimulant" productivity supplement for those sensitive to caffeine. Focus without the jitters. Concentration without anxiety. Efficiency without the counter-productive crash. For those averse to caffeinated beverages, or stimulant-based products in general, Gorilla Mind Smooth will be perfect for you.

Gorilla Mind Smooth is our 'low-stimulant' version of Gorilla Mind, providing a smoother, less extreme level of energy, but still maximizing the intense level of focus and heightened mental clarity that Gorilla Mind is renowned for. The level of focus, concentration, and enhanced cognitive ability is identical to that of Gorilla Mind Rush, it simply doesn’t have that intensity and extreme wakefulness that stimulants can provide.

Gorilla Mind Rush + Smooth Bundle
Supplement Facts
Gorilla Mind Rush + Smooth Bundle Supplement Facts
Rush vs Smooth

Gorilla Mind Rush is our powerful, all-day focus, advanced stimulant formulation.

It is best to take Rush first-thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

(Avoid consuming your usual cup of coffee or additional caffeine, unless you evaluate tolerance)

"Rush" will have you ABSOLUTELY LOCKED IN all-day.

Gorilla Mind Rush is powerful and lasts for at least 8 hours. Do not take in the evening or near bedtime if you do not want to jeopardize your sleep.

Alternatively, Gorilla Mind Smooth is our non-stimulant formulation when you need increased concentration - but do not need an energy boost or all-day focus.


It is best to rotate Gorilla Mind Rush and Gorilla Mind Smooth and not take either for multiple consecutive days.


Use as directed and do not combine with additional caffeine or dietary supplements.



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