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cAMP PM + Rauwolscine

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cAMP PM - Named cAMP PM because one of the main vectors it works through is raising levels of cyclic AMP (cAMP), and it is most effectively used in the evening (PM) as your second dose to complement your morning α2 AM dose. cAMP PM has no stimulants so it shouldn't impair your sleep quality if taken in the early evening. 

If you already take the max daily dose of our Gorilla Mode pre-workout, Gorilla Mode Energy pre-workout, or some other form of high stimulant intake, you'd be better off by using cAMP PM twice per day instead of α2 AM in the morning and cAMP PM in the evening. 

This is only because you don't want to overdo the stims.  

You can pair Rauwolscine with cAMP PM in the morning, or even with all of our Gorilla Mode pre-workouts if you want to drive adrenaline a bit harder and get more fat loss. 

More elaborate dosing instructions are broken down on the product labels, but you can get pretty creative with the combinations to maximize fat loss and performance during your training sessions. 

Some of you stim fiends may even prefer the stim junky drive your head through the wall energy that α2 AM provides more than a full dose of Gorilla Mode (it is designed to be more of an adrenaline hit), so it could be used as a makeshift stim blend to stack with Gorilla Mode Nitric to get maxed out mental focus, stim junky energy, fat loss, and ultimate performance via the Nitric.

The combinations that are possible are endless, so strategize based on your individual needs and goals.  

Do not combine with a2 AM Fat Burner. If taken on the same day as Gorilla Mode or Gorilla Mode Energy do not exceed 1 scoop.