Gorilla Mode EAAs + Energy Bundle

1 x Gorilla Mode Energy (40 Servings)
1 x Gorilla Mode EAAs (30 Servings)


Gorilla Mode Energy you can expect a very clean boost in mental clarity, productivity, focus and energy with this product. Gorilla Mode "Energy" contains a massive dose of carefully chosen synergistic stimulants and nootropics. 

This product is designed specifically for energy and mental sharpness, so it does not contain any Nitric Oxide precursors, plasma expanders, or volumizing agents like Gorilla Mode and Gorilla Mode Nitric do.  

Gorilla Mode EAAs are required in order to build new muscle tissue and help with cell repair which occurs when muscles are recovering. They are essential because your body cannot produce them. 

EAA’s must come from your diet or supplementation. As such, we have created Gorilla Mode EAA’s, which like all of our products are turn-key and provide the optimal dosage required per day for each essential amino acid.

Gorilla Mode EAAs + Energy Bundle
Combining EAAs with Stim

1 Scoop Gorilla Mode EAAs 1 Scoop Gorilla Mode Energy- Taken anytime during the day but not close to bedtime to avoid sleep disruption.

During the day, you can pair Gorilla Mode Energy with your EAAs to maintain topped out energy levels and recovery.