Gorilla Mode Workout Fuel

1 x Gorilla Mode Glycerol (100 Servings)
1 x Gorilla Mode (40 Servings)
1 x Gorilla Mode Post-Workout (20 Servings)

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PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Do note that while you can buy all three products bundled together for a huge discount, the only flavor match will be for Peach Mango. In other words, if you buy Tiger's Blood bundle, you'll get Tiger's Blood Mode, Peach Mango flavored Glycerol, and peach mango flavored Gorilla Mode Workout Fuel.
As of now, Gorilla only has room for Peach Mango flavored Glycerol and Gorilla Mode Workout Fuel, so the only 100% flavor match will be for Peach Mango flavor.
I personally think Tiger's Blood Gorilla Mode mixed with peach mango Glycerol is delicious, but we wanted to let you know in advance. We don't want you to get a "mismatched flavor" and feel like you got the wrong product.

Post-Workout: After a hard training session the goal should be to replace what was lost during that session.  

Your body mainly loses water, sodium and glycogen during a hard session, so that is what we would ideally replace as quickly as possible, followed by a low-fat meal with lean proteins shortly after. 

Gorilla Mode Post-Workout is a mix of fast digesting carbs with very quick gastric emptying times, sodium, creatine and leucine. 

With Gorilla Mode you can expect a massive increase in nitric oxide (NO) levels, intramuscular hydration, energy, focus and as significant of a boost in muscle strength and endurance as you can get from a legal non-hormonal pre-workout.

This product is maxed out in the pump and performance category, as well as in the energy and focus category.

It has a massive dose of L-Citrulline, GlycerPump, Agmatine, Creatine and Betaine to saturate your muscles with blood and intracellular hydration.

It also has a potent stimulant complex comprised of a high dose of Caffeine and N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate.

The high dosed Nootropics L-Tyrosine, Kanna and Huperzine A top off the cognitive enhancing component of Gorilla Mode and contribute to a significant increase in energy, focus and overall mental sharpness.

Bioperine also potentiates the cognitive enhancing ingredients in this formula by prolonging their breakdown and increasing their bioavailability.

Glycerol: Take your training to the next level with the hyper-hydrating effects of Glycerol Powder.

Glycerol significantly enhances pumps and performance by hyper-hydrating the muscle with water.

If you drink a lot of water with nothing else, the fall in osmolarity in your body stimulates the kidneys to remove most of the excess water within an hour.

If you add glycerol to the water, this prevents the drop in osmolarity and can extend the hyper-hydration effect in your muscles by up to four hours.

By adding Glycerol to your pre-workout, you can hold upwards of an extra liter of water via this hyper-hydrating effect.

Hydration is one of the most critical factors when it comes to performance.

Only a 2% loss in fluids can result in as much as a 20% decrease in exercise performance.

Exercise performed for more than an hour in a hot and humid environment can cause fluid loss in excess of 3 liters.

Many athletes do not drink enough to offset this effect of dehydration during training or competition, even when given unlimited access to fluid.

Aside from massive pumps, Glycerol use has shown to increase endurance by as much as 24%, as well as improve aerobic and anaerobic power and performance.

Most pre-workouts that contain Glycerol only have a couple grams per full serving at most.

Gorilla Mode and Gorilla Mode Nitric already contain a high dose of GlycerPump™ (65% Glycerol Powder) relative to the rest of the industry, topping out at 3000 mg in Mode, and 4000 mg in Nitric.

While those dosages are effective as is, GlycerPump™ is created using unique spray drying technology, yielding a stable powder form of glycerol standardized to 65% to avoid clumping.

Adding a high dose of 95% pure Glycerol on top of those formulas mixed with the other ingredients in the tub would have resulted in a clumpy mess, and would have been too much powder to sell in one pre-workout.

This is why Gorilla Mode Glycerol can be stacked with any of our pre-workouts for an even more substantial boost in intramuscular hyper-hydration and endurance.

Gorilla Mode Workout Fuel