Cortisol Blocker (with Emodin)

11β-HSD1 Inhibitor

Cortisol Blocker (with Emodin) Cortisol Blocker (with Emodin)
  • Potent Relaxation & Stress Reduction Properties*
  • Fast-Acting Cortisol Management*
  • Enhanced Recovery*
  • Promotes Insulin Sensitivity & Fat Loss Potential*
  • Parasympathetic Nervous System Support*

Cortisol, commonly known as the body’s primary stress hormone, plays a critical role in the body.

However, when cortisol (and/or other glucocorticoid) levels become chronically elevated, it can lead to adverse effects, including the breakdown of muscle tissue, fat gain, and insulin resistance.

Researchers have highlighted Emodin as a unique compound that directly inhibits the formation of cortisol at the enzymatic level, setting it apart from conventional adaptogens.

Literature suggests that the way Emodin does this is via the selective inhibition of the 11beta-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 (11β-HSD1) enzyme.

This product is certainly not for everyone, but during a long dieting phase, or for those in high stress environments, this product could be clutch.

Emodin used to be in our ‘Cortisol Blocker’ formula (now named ‘Calm’), however, because it is such a potent compound with far more particular use cases, we felt it was warranted to separate it into its own product entirely to maximize flexibility of use, dosage titration, etc.

Emodin can also be GI distressing for some, so that was just another reason to separate it out.

If you use Emodin, start at 1 capsule only, and see how you respond to that over the course of a week. Titrate up slowly on an as-needed basis.

Calm vs. Emodin -

We now carry two separate cortisol modulating formulas.

Calm, and Emodin.

In general, ‘Calm’ will be more than satisfactory for those seeking predictable and reliable stress response attenuation.

Emodin on the other hand, works by inhibiting the production of cortisol at the enzymatic level, so treating Emodin like a “break glass in case” type product is our suggestion.

Stack ‘Emodin’ with ‘Calm’ for maximum effect when more extreme situations may call for it (e.g. aggressive cutting phases, very stressful life situations, etc.).

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