Gorilla Mode + Intra

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Gorilla Mode + Intra

Gorilla Mode Intra Flavor:

Cherry Blackout

Gorilla Mode Flavor:

Mouthwatering Watermelon

Gorilla Mode Intra

Gorilla Mode ‘Intra’ is our upgraded and fully loaded peri-workout formula (formerly post-workout) to support both intra-workout performance, and post-workout recovery.

While certainly not mandatory, a focus on peri-workout supplementation is typically most valuable in the following scenarios:

  • Fasted Training
  • High Volume Training
  • Long Distance Endurance Training
  • Training Layoff
  • DOMS Reduction
  • Advanced Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, CrossFit & Other High Demand Athletics

With ‘Intra’, we aimed to eliminate all guesswork and inconvenience by creating a comprehensive formula that’s easy on the stomach, rapidly replenishes glycogen, supports mitochondrial function and ATP synthesis, augments the muscle building process, attenuates muscle protein breakdown, accelerates overall recovery, and tastes incredible so you actually look forward to drinking it.

What To Expect From The New & Improved Gorilla Mode

  • Max daily dose increased from ~30 grams to ~40 grams of ingredients*
  • Formula updates based on the most recent literature and over 1 million orders + user feedback*
  • Markedly increased energy, focus, drive, and stress resilience*
  • Enhanced vasodilation, explosive power, and muscular endurance*
  • Amplified pump and muscle volume*
  • New S Tier flavor systems*
  • Naturally colored*
  • Less clumpy, less gritty, and improved mix-ability*