HydroPrime® Glycerol + Gorilla Hydration

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HydroPrime® Glycerol + Gorilla Hydration

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It is strongly recommended to use Gorilla Hydration along with Hydroprime® Glycerol to avoid electrolyte dilution that can occur from high water intake for longer training sessions. 

Hydroprime® Glycerol

Glycerol significantly enhances pumps and performance by hyper-hydrating the muscle with water.

If you drink a lot of water with nothing else, the fall in osmolarity in your body stimulates the kidneys to remove most of the excess water within an hour.

If you add glycerol to the water, this prevents the drop in osmolarity and can extend the hyper-hydration effect in your muscles by up to four hours.

By adding Glycerol to your pre-workout, you can hold upwards of an extra liter of water via this hyper-hydrating effect.

In addition, Glycerol use has shown to increase endurance by as much as 24%, as well as improve aerobic and anaerobic power and performance.

Why HydroPrime®?

More pumps, and no clumps.

Unlike traditional Glycerol Powders, HydroPrime® is a stable form of Glycerol that delivers a high Glycerol yield, without the clumping or gritty consistency. 

HydroPrime® features an industry-leading Glycerol yield per gram of powder, allowing the user to get more Glycerol out of less powder.

Gorilla Hydration

Gorilla Hydration is a comprehensive electrolyte drink mix formulated to support peak performance and hydration.

When we exercise, we sweat and release large amounts of electrolytes and trace elements that our bodies rely on.

Replenishing and maintaining an optimal ratio between them is essential for optimal performance and health.

Only a 2% loss in fluids can result in as much as a 20% decrease in exercise performance.

Many athletes do not optimize their hydration status, even when given unlimited access to fluid.

This formula was designed not only to support high level sports performance, but also for use in everyday life to top up common mineral deficiencies that are difficult to get through a regular diet.

It also tastes incredible, with no sugar or artificial sweeteners, and is as close to calorie-free as you will get in a stacked electrolyte formula (it is fasting friendly).