Single Arm Rope Attachment

$14.00 $19.99
Single Arm Rope Attachment
  • Made With Durable Braided Nylon
  • Universally Compatible Attachment
  • High-Quality Plastic Stoppers To Avoid Wear & Slipping
  • Features Gorilla Mode Logo

Our Single Arm Rope is a staple cable attachment that will add convenience and utility to your gym bag. With this rope, you can perform unilateral exercises such as single-arm tricep extensions, overhead tricep extensions, and hammer curls, isolating each arm through these movements.

Contrary to bilateral exercises, isolating each arm prevents unwanted compensation & overuse injury from your dominant side. The result is corrected muscle imbalances and greater injury prevention. 

The standard dual-grip rope attachment is a common accessory and can be found at most gyms, but the single-arm rope attachment is much rarer. Even if a gym does carry this rope, it may be taken by somebody else and will likely be heavily worn from excessive use. 

For these reasons, we have created our very own high-quality Gorilla Mode branded single-arm rope attachment.