Gorilla Mode Protein

Premium Protein


Milk Chocolate

All new Gorilla Mode Protein is finally here! 

Our protein is a premium blend of Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate and Micellar Casein totalling 24 grams of high quality protein per serving. 

Available in three delicious flavors: Milk Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Vanilla Ice Cream making these a great choice for however you like to take your protein whether you’re making protein pancakes, mixing with water, milk or our Gorilla Mode Post-Workout supplement. 

Gorilla Mode Protein contains all your essential amino acids necessary for recovery and building muscle. It also contains both quick digesting and slow digesting protein to kick start recovery and protein synthesis immediately after your workout but also maintain amino acid levels for hours after your workout continuing the muscle repair and building process. 

Milk Chocolate

Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Peanut Butter

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