Sauna Tee

MPMD Merch

Sauna Tee Sauna Tee Sauna Tee Sauna Tee
Size: Small

If you know, you know…

Introducing our LIMITED EDITION More Plates More Dates inspired ‘Sauna Tee’.

One of the main questions Derek gets is about the background of his videos that has remained the same since the start of his YouTube channel.

Is it a sauna? Is he lying on a hardwood floor in every video? Is it a virtual background? We may never know…

The ‘Sauna(?)’ is pretty iconic at this point, and Derek has never released merch before, so we are stoked for this first-ever merch drop.

TBD if we’ll bring it back after it sells out as it is a bit of a miscellaneous product, but perhaps this will be the first of more collaborative merch in the future.